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Episode 52 – virtual reality with ryan pousson

What do you know about Virtual Reality technology? Maybe you've seen those photos of people with VR goggles on and wondered how they avoid walking into things? You might have been curious to know if the technology is used beyond video games and pornography? This episode brings you Caspar's conversation with 24 year old VR entrepreneur and software developer Ryan Pousson.

Along with David Chaseling, Ryan is the co-founder of Paraspace - a startup using VR technology to provide training courses in dangerous work for the construction industry. Ryan and Caspar discuss the evolution of VR technology, how the latest Oculus hardware has transformed its portability and ease of use, Ryan's experience running a startup straight out of university, and of course his passions, struggles, and hopes for the future.

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All Binge Thinking episodes are produced by Nina Roxburgh, recorded at Youthworx studios in Melbourne, and feature music by Big Gigantic


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