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Episode 31 - #MeToo and why women matter with domini marshall

Have you ever had your mind changed after a conversation? You've definitely learned about a different perspective from watching a documentary or film, reading a book or article, or even listening to a podcast! Using media and storytelling to communicate across our experiences and differences is one of the most effective tools for change, and this is why our next guest has formed her passion and career around just that! 

Join Caspar as he explores the journey of creative writer, filmmaker and social entrepreneur, Domini Marshall. The two binge on Domini’s passion for story telling, her struggle with work life suffering from bad managers, her mission to address women’s representation in the media, how her own experience with sexual assault led to the creation of her social enterprise, Her Words, and why she thinks empathy is the key to addressing our social and political problems. This episode was produced by Nina Roxburgh and features music by Big Gigantic.

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Season 1 covered themes such as creative careers, climate change, science (so much science), sex work, disability support, music festivals, running a business, progressive politics, feminism, student debt, music production, living on a bicycle, skeleton art (you read it right), the Great Barrier Reef, mountain climbing, the beauty industry, war and peacekeeping, Australian politics, being an actor, and harassment at work. 

All Binge Thinking episodes are produced by Nina Roxburgh and feature music by Big Gigantic

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