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Have you ever been hit on at a bar? Or had someone uncomfortably join your table when you're just trying to catch up with a mate? No doubt you've seen drunk and sometimes violent people treat bar staff like crap when they get cut off or some dude trying to start a fight because he's all rage and no head. 

Well this is the daily life of bar manager, Rose Gaumann.

Rose a professional hospitality worker, who's not just in it until she lands her dream job - this is the dream job for her. 

Rose got fed up with the sexual harassment that her staff and customers go through on a daily basis and founded the grassroots initiative, Bars of the North

Join Caspar and Rose as the binge in the hospitality industry and all the struggles that come with it. 

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All Binge Thinking episodes are produced by Nina Roxburgh and feature music by Big Gigantic


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