Social Justice

Episode 50 – Tax with Yash Rathi

Tax is the system that funds our roads, schools, hospitals, welfare and more. Without it, the government has less money to spend. But what happens when our jobs and economy change so radically, that people no longer earn enough money to be taxed? Or when big tech giants like Google and Uber use tax-payer built infrastructure, like the NBN, but don’t have to pay a digital services tax? 

It may be a topic most people care not to immerse themselves in, either because its too complicated or overwhelming – especially when politicians use it (often incorrectly) to sway you one way or another during election time – but fear not! In this episode, Caspar sits down with 27 year old Tax Advisor and Specialist, Yash Rathi, who brings a wealth of passion and interest in tax, how it operates, what the biggest challenges are and how we should be dreaming of the future of tax. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the ideas raised in Yash’s episode, he recommends the following:

Treasury – Tax Policy

Recent topics include:

  • National Innovation and Science Agenda

  • Parliamentary progress of Tax Bills

  • Programs and initiatives – Taxation

  • Tax evasion and multinational tax avoidance

Australian Tax Office

This link provides information about what the ATO is consulting about – i.e. consultations with the community, industry groups and the tax, accounting and legal professions, on matters of concern and interest to them.

This episode of Binge Thinking was produced by Nina Roxburgh, was recorded at Youthworx studio in Melbourne, was co-edited by Nina and Charlotte Morton, and features music by Big Gigantic

Caspar has never been so excited about tax! Pictured with Yash Rathi at  Youthworx  in Brunswick.

Caspar has never been so excited about tax! Pictured with Yash Rathi at Youthworx in Brunswick.

Episode 42 - Refugees and Seeking Asylum with Hedayat Osyan

Caspar speaks with 26 year old Afghani refugee and social entrepreneur Hedayat Osyan. A former refugee from Afghanistan's Hazara ethnic minority, Hedayat came to Australia by boat when he was 17 after fleeing persecution by the Taliban. He now runs a small business and social enterprise called Nick Tiling Services. Hedayat started the business to provide decent work for refugees experiencing exploitation in the construction industry. Aside from secure ongoing work, they provide mentoring, english lessons, and support navigating the legal system in Australia. 

Hedayat discusses his journey from Afghanistan to Australia, and explains how he came to start Nick Tiles after getting his education in politics. He shares his view on the war in Afghanistan and how we can better integrate refugees into our society (and why this matters to all of us). 

As always, this episode was produced and edited by Nina Roxburgh and features music by Big Gigantic

Caspar and Hedayat binge in Melbourne

Caspar and Hedayat binge in Melbourne

Episode 35: Community Development in Nepal with Bee Shrestha

In this episode, Caspar speaks with 25 year old community leader Bee Shrestha. Bee is the founder of a social enterprise called Guilty Pleasures, that teaches work skills and provides independent livelihood to trafficked women in Nepal. Bee also runs her own international development company and is an avid public speaker. She hosts public 'Talk Shows' in Nepal and Thailand that aim to break down taboos in social discourse, such as mental health, sex, gender and rape. Produced and edited by Nina Roxburgh with music by Big Gigantic.

Caspar and Bee bingeing on social justice and getting it done! 

Caspar and Bee bingeing on social justice and getting it done!