Episode 53 – Indigenous Stories with Rona Glynn-McDonald

This episode brings you Caspar's conversation with 23-year-old social entrepreneur Rona Glynn-McDonald. Rona is a Kaytyete woman from Central Australia, and the founder and CEO of CommonGround, a not-for-profit organisation that shares First Nations cultures, histories and lived experiences through storytelling.

After going to school in Alice Springs, Rona moved to Melbourne to study Economics and Finance where she realised just how few non-indigenous Australians had been exposed to the 60,000 year old cultures of First Nations people. This led her to rekindle her creative side and was the genesis of Common Ground. Today she's also working to start a 'First Nations Practice' within the Foundation for Young Australians' (FYA) "YLab" youth consulting firm. 

 Rona and Caspar discussed her journey across Australia and how she came to create Common Ground. She highlighted some of the work they are doing capturing ancient stories that have never before been shared outside their country and culture, and (as always) discussed her passion, struggle and hopes for the future. 

This episode was produced by Nina Roxburgh, recorded at Youthworx, and features music by Big Gigantic

Caspar and Rona post binge at Youthworx in Brunswick

Caspar and Rona post binge at Youthworx in Brunswick

Episode 48 – Press Freedom with Gary Dickson

Press freedom is not a new issue, but many listeners in Australia, and even some overseas may have noticed that it has come into the spotlight again, with the recent AFP raids on ABC journalists.

Of course, many places in the world are still fighting hard to get proper press freedom, but now there seems to be a growing number of places that have well-established traditions of a free press, but are struggling to maintain it.

The heads of Australia’s media companies, rarely seen together in public, are now calling openly for new laws that protect press freedom and have criticised how the term “national security” is being used as a cover to strip away democratic debate.

In this episode, Caspar speaks with 30-year-old journalism teacher and researcher Gary Dickson. Gary teaches media law at Monash University and is currently completing his second masters researching the history of press freedom and the journalist labour movement globally.

Gary also founded and runs freepress.watch, a public record of violations of press freedom in Australia.

Gary and Caspar discussed his background studying history, and how this led him to find his passion in journalism. He provides a summary of which Australian laws he thinks are the most damaging to press freedom, and why we should be concerned. Plus much more.

This episode of Binge Thinking was produced by Nina Roxburgh, recorded at Youthworx studio in Melbourne, and features music by Big Gigantic

Caspar feeling relieved that Gary will protect our press freedom for the rest of time!

Caspar feeling relieved that Gary will protect our press freedom for the rest of time!

Gary’s reading list:

If you’re keen to follow up on the reading list Gary mentioned in the episode here it is:

'‘The death of Fairfax and the end of newspapers’


'It's not just Trump: US media freedom fraying at the edges'


Defending press freedom is not the same as celebrating great journalism

WIN or lose for rural viewers?


Why the raid on Australian media present a clear threat to democracy