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Episode 49 – Mechanical Engineering and Illustration with Aileen Ng

What is mechanical engineering and why do we need it in our lives? According to our guest, 28 year old Aileen Ng, mechanical engineering enters most facets of our lives, from our train system and bridges, to our toasters, our renewable energy and more.

Aileen has spent the last 8 years or so studying and working as a mechanical engineer and industrial designer. But, like many people out there, she soon realised that while she was passionate about design, she did not enjoy working as an engineer.

Aileen now works as a graphic designer and illustrator for the magazine Why Not?. In this episode, we discuss her journey training in engineering, her experience working in overhead wire engineering for train lines, how she found the male-dominated STEM workforce and why she decided to bow out of the field in pursuit of creativity through art. 

This episode of Binge Thinking was hosted and produced by Nina Roxburgh, was recorded at Youthworx studio in Melbourne, was co-edited by Nina and Charlotte Morton, and features music by Big Gigantic

Aileen and Nina at Youthworx, Brunswick.

Aileen and Nina at Youthworx, Brunswick.

Episode 47 - Youth and Diversity with Alex McLean

One in three young people (26 and under) are either unemployed or underemployed in Australia. Our youth rate for unemployment is at its highest in 40 years, and the Newstart allowance for young job seekers has not increased in over 25 years, even though our cost of living has gone up. To top it all off, a recent study found there are only two rental properties currently on the market that a person on income allowance from the government can afford. At the same time, internship programs that are funded by the tax payer are leading to vulnerable young people being paid an abysmal $4 an hour while big business like Hungry Jacks use these programs to fill what would otherwise be actual paid job vacancies.

How’s a young person to catch a break if they don’t have the privilege of living with their parents, volunteering and interning for months or years to gain experience for the workplace and not needing to worry about meeting basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter? In this episode, Caspar speaks with 26 year old, Co-Executive Officer of the National Youth Commission Australia (NYC), Alex McLean who is working to uncover and solve some of these big challenges for young people in Australia.

Alex is a passionate advocate of youth rights and development, as well as diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She also has a love of science with a background in epidemiology, the study of infectious diseases.

Caspar and Alex binge on all things youth development in Australia, the issues coming out of the NYC’s current inquiry into youth employment, and what drives Alex in all her work.

This episode was produced and edited by Nina Roxburgh, recorded at Youthworx, and features music by Big Gigantic.

Alex McLean and Caspar excited to go eat some smashed avo now they’ve finished the biggest binge ever. At Youthworx Studios, Brunswick.

Alex McLean and Caspar excited to go eat some smashed avo now they’ve finished the biggest binge ever. At Youthworx Studios, Brunswick.