Episode 30: Law and Order with Chris Orchard

Have you read Australia's constitution? Did you know that our political system is different to the British even though we inherited their laws? Why do you think the high court of Australia supported the government to conduct a postal survey for Marriage Equality and was that legal? Join Caspar as he binges with lawyer and life long political activist, Chris Orchard. Chris shares his journey growing up working class in Australia, finding political causes throughout his early twenties and deep passion for the study of class and capitalism, and later solidifying his interests in a career in law. Caspar and Chris binge on his struggles of feeling like an impostor in middle-upper class of Australian society, and why he thinks the law is the best way to impact society and to hold those who have power accountable. This episode was produced by Nina Roxburgh and features music by Big Gigantic. 

Chris Orchard binges on Sundays in his sweater

Chris Orchard binges on Sundays in his sweater

Episode 9: Business and Ethics with Dan Barwick

Hello Good People of Binge Thinking! 

In our latest episode, Caspar brings you the Binge Thinking of 30 year-old engineer and small business owner Dan Barwick. You might not think you can run a business, but Dan explains how getting sick of working for out of touch boomers inspired him to work for himself, make some serious coin, and reshape his own sense of self. With his company Hydraulic Testing and Certification (HTC), Dan talks innovation and creativity even in the drier of topics, you'll be hooked on his every word. 

Dan and Caspar also got deep and binged on growing up in a religious family, the wonders of the internet and connected nature of the world as we know it, the future of capitalism, what it means to be human, and the idea of AI. It's a long episode, but we think it's totally worth it!

If you like what Dan has to say and want to get in touch find him at

As always, this episode was produced by Nina Roxburgh with Music from Big Gigantic.

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