‘Binge Thinking’ is a conversation podcast for young intellectuals, activists or just interesting people. Guests share their thoughts on who they are, what they do, and how the modern world looks from their perspective.

The show reveals millennial insights into industries, events, or debates. Listen to smart, funny, eccentric and sometimes outrageous guests you can relate to. If you will live through the next 50 years, hear about those that will be there too. We binge news and current affairs, working life, identity politics, political politics, personal philosophies, relationships and everything else.

Get on board and get on our level.

The host

The show is hosted each fortnight by Caspar Roxburgh with guests who are all under 35 years old. 

Podcast Episodes

The podcast interviews guests each fortnight and the guest's background determines the specific themes in the episode. So far we've covered themes such as class, creative work, the film industry in Australia, science, research, being an activist and a professional, women in science, the music industry, sex work, feminism, disability support, small business, music festivals and speech pathology. The show is produced by Nina Roxburgh. Check out our episodes by clicking here