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Episode 41 - video games with laura voss

Caspar speaks with 28 year old CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Harmonious Productions: Laura Voss. Laura is a video game developer who, along with her peers at Swinburne University, started her own independent games development company straight out of university. Harmonious Productions specialises in developing nonviolent and positive games that foster genuine interaction and teamwork between players.   

Laura binge thinks her journey to becoming a games developer and CEO. She describes the moment she figured out that you can actually study games at uni, her experience being thrown in the deep end of the game developer world and her feeling of impostor syndrome. We discussed how to make a video game, her background in psychology and her comapny's philosophy of promoting non-violent gaming. Laura also talks about her struggle to risk it all, launch the company, and then take on the responsiblity of ensuring her colleagues have a job. As always, this podcast was produced, edited and brought to life by Nina Roxburgh, and features music by Big Gigantic

You can find Harmonious Productions (formerly Harmonious Games) on Twitter. We've also included demo footage of their first release Putty Pals (below) which Laura and Caspar discuss in the episode. Putty Pals is available to play on Nintendo Switch and Steam

Youtube trailer for Putty Pals

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All Binge Thinking episodes are produced by Nina Roxburgh and feature music by Big Gigantic


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