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Episode 35 - community development in nepal with bee shrestha

Imagine, you are a young woman from Nepal.

You run a social enterprise equipping trafficked and vulnerable women with cooking, business, financial and social media skills and training. At the same time, you start a company which seeks to provide in-depth and expert research, strategy development and project management for international development organisations, NGOs and companies. AND you host a talk show series on culturally taboo topics such as gender, sexuality, mental health and more. PLUS you are studying a Masters in International Development while continuing to be a public speaker on women's rights education. 

This is just some of the things our guest, Bee Shrestha, shared in the latest episode of Binge Thinking. 

Join Caspar as he and Bee binge on her social enterprise - Guilty Pleasures - her life growing up in Nepal and India, losing her mother at a young age, realising her capacity to drive her own decisions, finding her passion for breaking down gender stereotypes, running her own international development company, her work as a public speaker and her many other projects. Oh, and she's got a degree in psychology. 

Bee is an extraordinary person, who also shares how she copes with he passion for leading with her need for support and the space to not always be strong. 

This episode was produced by Nina Roxburgh and features music by Big Gigantic.

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Season 1 covered themes such as creative careers, climate change, science (so much science), sex work, disability support, music festivals, running a business, progressive politics, feminism, student debt, music production, living on a bicycle, skeleton art (you read it right), the Great Barrier Reef, mountain climbing, the beauty industry, war and peacekeeping, Australian politics, being an actor, and harassment at work. 

All Binge Thinking episodes are produced by Nina Roxburgh and feature music by Big Gigantic

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