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This week, Caspar got binging with 29 year old Josh Worley.

Josh is an avid mountain climber or 'Alpenist' and is planning a Vertical Year where he will climb 34 km over a series of mountains through Peru, the US, Canada and New Zealand. 

But why would anyone do this? It's hard, it's scary, and all mountains have been discovered anyway so what's the point right? 

Well, Josh binges about how climbing for him is about his mental health and confronting and learning to manage his fear and anxiety. His Vertical Year is dedicated to having conversations about mental health and he plans to raise plenty of bucks along the way too. 

Cool, can't wait to listen! But I missed Episode 21... 

No sweat! You can check out 26 year old, Samantha Hood, from Brisbane. She is a Quantum Physicist. But don't get scared (we know quantum physics is a daunting topic), Sam is an incredible young woman who is working to develop cheaper, better and easier to access solar technology, by basically replicating an actual leaf. Plus she's an excellent communicator so you wont get lost. 

This episode is a banger, short and sweet and you'll learn something too! So get on board! 

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