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Episode 30 - Law and order with Chris Orchard

Have you read Australia's constitution? Did you know that our political system is different to the British even though we inherited their laws? Why do you think the high court of Australia supported the government to conduct a postal survey for Marriage Equality and was that legal?

Join Caspar as he binges with lawyer and life long political activist, Chris Orchard. Chris shares his journey growing up working class in Australia, finding political causes throughout his early twenties and deep passion for the study of class and capitalism, and later solidifying his interests in a career in law. Caspar and Chris binge on his struggles of feeling like an imposter in middle-upper class of Australian society, and why he thinks the law is the best way to impact society and to hold those who have power accountable. This episode was produced by Nina Roxburgh and features music by Big Gigantic. 

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Season 1 covered themes such as creative careers, climate change, science (so much science), sex work, disability support, music festivals, running a business, progressive politics, feminism, student debt, music production, living on a bicycle, skeleton art (you read it right), the Great Barrier Reef, mountain climbing, the beauty industry, war and peacekeeping, Australian politics, being an actor, and harassment at work. 

All Binge Thinking episodes are produced by Nina Roxburgh and feature music by Big Gigantic

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